PIN Code - 7248
PC Webster
Now that you've looked at the evidence which I have, I'm going to let you access a very secret database. It is called the Webberley Evidence Bank (W.E.B.) and it contains a lot of information about the people who live in Webberley. Only police officers are usually allowed to use it, but as
you're my only hope in solving this case, I will let you look at it today.

When you are looking around, you MUST do all of the following things:

1) Copy any of the useful information into your word processor. This is the only way to store the evidence, so it is very important that you keep your notes up to date with useful information.

2) Call everyone in the village (you will need to find their phone numbers in the address book) and interview them.

3) You MUST find out the following things about each person (and make a note of the results).

  1. Do they live in Webberfield Avenue? (this is where the criminal lives)
  2. Do they own a computer? (the criminal does)
  3. Do they know what a computer virus is? (the criminal does)
  4. Do they own a dog? (the criminal does)
  5. Is their dog ill at the moment? (the criminal's dog is).

You will need all of this information when you decide who the criminal is later on.

If you need an evidence sheet to record your work, you can print one out by clicking on the button below and printing the PDF which appears:

Evidence Sheet (PDF)

When you have finished looking at all of the W.E.B. you should log-off by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Make sure that you have looked at EVERYTHING before you log off.

Click on the logo below to access the W.E.B.

Central Records Index