PIN Code - 7246
PC Webster
After I received the phone call from the anonymous informant, I began searching the Internet for information about viruses. I found this chat room conversation which might help us to identify the criminal we're looking for.

You will need to search through it. Remember to use the Find tool to help you search more quickly, and then copy and paste any important evidence into your word processor notes.

There are three people in the chat room: VTV, Scribble and Dodge. Obviously these are nicknames, so try to find some clues which might help you to identify who they are in real life:

VTV and Dodge are in the room:

VTV: Hi Dodge. How R U?
Dodge: Fine thanks VTV - how about you?
VTV: Not too bad. How's work?
Dodge: OK. Same as ever. Where do you work?
VTV: Somewhere very boring. I'm feeling pretty tired at the moment.
Dodge: Why is that?
VTV: I've been on here for the past 36 hours now. Must get some sleep soon.
Dodge: 36 HOURS! Your brain must be frazzled! You won't be able to create those wonderful computer programs of yours if you don't get your sleep!
VTV: I know. It's difficult to concentrate when I'm so tired, but I want to get the program uploaded tomorrow.
Dodge: Tomorrow? Really?

Scribble enters the room:

Scribble: Hi all
VTV: Hi Scribble
Dodge: Howdy Scribs
Scribble: What's going on?
Dodge: VTV was just telling me about his plans...
Scribble: Oh yeah - the virus plans?
VTV: Hey - don't use that word in here. If anyone catches us, I'm done for.
Scribble: Sorry VTV.
Scribble: Anyway, what are the vir... er... computer plans?
VTV: I'm uploading it tomorrow.
Scribble: Is it finished then?
VTV: Nearly done. I've just got a few finishing touches to do.
Scribble: What does it do?
VTV: It wipes your hard drive, and messes things up so badly that it will never start again.
Dodge: WOW
VTV: Would you two like me to send you the protection files, so your computers don't get infected?
Scribble: Yes please!
VTV: It'll cost you both.
Scribble: What do you mean - cost us? After all we've done for you in the past.
Dodge: Yeah
VTV: Like what?
Scribble: Kept all your computer plans secret. We could have told the police and dropped you in it.
Dodge: Yep. And we've helped you with your programming. Remember that nasty little program I sent to help you with your most recent project?
VTV: Ok Ok - I'll send them to you free of charge. Should they be sent to the usual email addresses?
Scribble: No. Send it to...
Scribble: Ooops - thanks (no need to shout though!)
Scribble: I'll let you know via email.
VTV: Ok Scribble. Anyway, I've gotta get going. My dog is sick at the moment and keeps messing on the floor!
Dodge: Lucky you!
VTV: Thanks. Seeya later. I'll send those files and probably meet you in here after I upload the "program" tomorrow.
Dodge: Yep. Ta Ta For Now!

VTV leaves the room.

Scribble: Has he gone?
Dodge: I think so.
Scribble: He's mad if he's trying to destroy everyone's computers.
Dodge: I know. Let's just hope he sends us those protection files, or we're done for!
Scribble: Yes. If you don't get them before tomorrow, don't connect to the net or your computer could get infected.
Dodge: OK then. I'd better get going. There's something on TV that I want to watch.
Scribble: Yeah. Me too. Seeya later.
Dodge: Bye

Scribble leaves the room.
Dodge leaves the room.

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