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The Challenge!
What will you learn? You will not learn new things about the Internet, but you will get a chance to use all of the information which you know in a fun challenge!

What will you learn?

Before you start...

  1. You MUST have looked at the five main sections of this site:
    • The Beginning
    • Getting Started Online
    • Staying Safe
    • Using Your Browser
    • Searching Online
    • Trying Top Tricks.
  2. You MUST have all SIX of the Welcome to the Web Secret Codes - you can get these from the quizzes at the end of each section.
  3. You MUST have a copy of the Secret Code Sheet (with the SIX codes written on it). This will tell you which code to use at different part of the challenge.

If you have not done / got all of these things,
you will NOT be able to complete the challenge, so go back.

What will you learn?

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