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How can you print web pages?

Printing web pages is really easy, as long as you have a printer!

Read these instructions very carefully, because you will need to remember them for the next activity.

1) Find the page on the web which you would like to print.

2) Turn your printer on and make sure it is ON-LINE and has some paper in it!

3) Press the Print button in your web browser. The Print buttons for the different browsers are shown below...

Internet Explorer



(then click on 'Print...')

You can also:

  • choose the PRINT option on the FILE menu
  • or press CTRL and P Hover your mouse over this word to get more information!on your keyboard.

4) Your printer should now print the page. If a window pops up on the screen giving you printer options, you can normally just click on OK.

Let's try a printing activity so that you can try this yourself!

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