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How can you get involved?

Don't just sit there. The Internet can also be interactive!

There are lots of new things that you can try on the Internet. You might find music to listen to, videos to watch and games to play. You can also get involved in web pages by taking part in ratings or polls, or adding your own sensible comments to pages. Try some of these...

MUSIC - Listen to this cheerful song.
Click on the small triangular play button.


VIDEO - Watch this short video.
Click on the triangular play button.

GAME - Simon Says
Do you know the game "Simon Says"? It's a great memory game. Just watch the flashing lights on the screen below, and click on them in the order they appear. It's not as easy as it sounds though! Just click on "Go!" below and the computer will tell you what to do next! Good Luck!

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